The Trip Fairy provides customized travel research for your family or group, presenting a set of trip options that have been thoroughly researched with your specific needs and desires in mind so you can make a quick, yet educated, decision about where you want to go. 


If you need more details on a certain location, you want to comparison shop, you are all out of trip ideas, you just don't have the time to research, coordinating multiple families is too difficult, if past vacations haven't been great, if you want to spice up a road trip, or you just don't want to miss anything....


Then You Need Some Trip Fairy Magic!


It's that simple, email me to get started.


"Imagine the difficulty in planning an extended family vacation for four different households located all over the country, with an age range from 3 years old to 70 years old. Add the complication of having 2 families with kids and two families with no kids. To top it off we all had very different budgets and different expectations for luxury. The Trip Fairy was the solution! The Trip Fairy made it simple for us to select our vacation destination. With all the details in hand, she condensed the overwhelming options into a concise list of choices that met all our needs. The trip options were well researched and easy to email to all the participants to review and then ultimately select the perfect vacation spot. Thank you Trip Fairy for taking the stress out of the process and for thinking of options we didn’t even know existed!"

- Bonnie, Austin TX


"We used Trip Fairy for an upcoming girls trip.  There are 5 of us meeting up from all over the country - we knew we wanted to get together for a relaxing and fun long weekend but weren't quite sure where to start!  We got 4 options from Trip Fairy and narrowed it down in less than 4 emails.  It was so easy I almost didn't believe it!  Trip Fairy gave us 4 options that were perfect for our group.  The cost and travel time they suggested were exactly what we wanted and we are so excited for the hotel and activities.  I will update this after our trip, based on our stay - but I definitely plan on using Trip Fairy again for my next group getaway.  This is the easiest trip planning I've even been part of - so many weekends like this fall apart because either no one has the time or inclination to do the actual planning but we didn't have to worry about it this time!"

- Beth, New York NY