About Me

I have always loved to travel and have managed to travel frequently after having kids. The destinations have gotten closer to home and the priorities for what makes a fun trip have changed, but we are always up for an adventure!


After a two week tour of the northeastern United States, I told my mom that I was so proud of the kids because they didn't complain once about missing home or always moving around and her response was, “You did it! You always said that you would have children that loved to travel.” I did do it! I believe I was able to do it through obsessive research and planning, mixed with a dose of optimism, enthusiasm and flexibility of course.


I have lived in Montgomery (AL), Nashville (TN), Destin (FL), Meeker (CO), Santa Barbara (CA), Manhattan (NYC), Wilton (CT), and currently Austin (TX).


Am I the most well traveled person that I know? Definitely not! However, it is a rare encounter to meet someone who has put as much thought and preparation into their trips as I have into mine. I can't possibly go on all the trips that I want to research, so I want to research them for other people as well.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor's of Nursing from Columbia University.  I am currently a homeschooling mom by day and avid travel writer by night.