How are you different from a travel agent?

I consider myself an advanced travel researcher. I provide research on a group of destinations in the most concise manner possible so that you can make a highly informed decision on where to take your next vacation without using a lot of your valuable time.


I evaluate each option with your particular family or group in mind. What is perfect for one group could be awful for another; I look at each destination through your eyes.


I have no connection whatsoever to particular hotels or airlines. I do not direct you to certain places based on my deals with them.


Do you make reservations?

I do NOT make any airline, hotel or restaurant reservations.


How do you get paid?

I charge the client a flat fee for my research. I will decide on the fee after talking with the client about his/her needs and expectations. The client agrees to pay the fee upon delivery of my final product. If the client is not fully satisfied with my product, we will work together to get to a point where he/she is satisfied and then the client will pay the agreed upon fee. Every client is different and fees can vary depending on the complexity of the trip. Some factors influencing complexity include how many choices you want to be presented with, the size of the group and the number of starting locations involved.


I accept payments through my PayPal account, accessed from my home page.


What is the typical fee?

My fee is in the range of $100 to $200 in most cases. Please see the Services and Rates tab on my home page for more details on how fees are decided upon.


What exactly will I get for my money?

You will receive a paper and/or PDF version of the itinerary and/or the Fairy Files. You will also have password protected access to a web based version of the Itinerary and Fairy Files with all relevant hyperlinks.


What is your turn around time?

It varies depending on necessity, demand and my schedule at that time, but usually within two weeks.


Do you plan trips for other groups besides families?

Of course! Families and parents are my passion because I think there are so many extra considerations when children are involved, but I am open to planning for an individual or any type of group.


Do you have a geographic specialty?

I am focused on travel within the United States. While I have traveled internationally with and without children (Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Australia, France, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey and Barbados), I do not feel I have an expertise in international travel from a logistical and legal standpoint. That being said, I would love to research destinations abroad if you were interested.


Have you been to the places that you recommend?

No, in many cases I have not been there (yet!). I will let you know if I happen to have been there.


What does your research look like?

My reports on destinations are called Fairy Files. You can see a sample Fairy File here.  You can also find a sample Basic Itinerary and Road Trip Itinerary there as well.