St. Louis In Depth Study: The Lewis and Clark Expedition


Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert

We read this book together and did the activities that appealed to us, like understanding latitude and longitude and writing about what they would bring on the trip.  I looked at a lot of Lewis and Clark books and thought this one was the best. As we read the book together, the kids wrote their own “Animal Encounters of Lewis and Clark” book.


My dog-loving daughter really enjoyed reading Seaman’s Journal.  It is a short picture book written from the perspective of Lewis and Clark’s Newfoundland that went on the expedition with them.


Videos: After we finished the book, they watched National Geographic’s “Lewis and Clark: The Great Journey West” narrated by Jeff Bridges.


Field Trip: The Lewis and Clark Center in St. Charles, MO. 

The Lewis and Clark center is very small, so I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip to St. Charles just to visit this museum unless your kids are studying Lewis and Clark. However, we did enjoy it.  It had lots of great history education resources in the gift shop, a scavenger hunt for the kids and a multi-scene diorama of the expedition as well as a full size replica of The Discovery.


 Field Trip: Lone Elk Park


Lone Elk Park is not very big and it certainly doesn’t take up that much time to drive the one-way road through the park hoping to spot elk and bison, but it was definitely worth the visit.  It is a beautiful piece of heavily wooded land.  You can get out of your car and picnic, take photographs or walk around in the elk section, but signs ask that you stay in your car in the bison section.  We were able to see both the elk and bison at very close range, which made us all reflect in awe for a few minutes.