Untapped Festival, Austin TX

This was the first year for the Untapped festival to be held in Austin. We decided to go to the festival kids-free, but there were some kids and babies there. The tickets were $20 which did not include $10 for parking, but did include 12 2 oz. samples of craft beer.  


There was plenty of parking, but once we got about 1 mile away from the parking lot there was very slow bumper to bumper traffic waiting to get into the lot. It took us about 30 minutes to move that last mile into the parking lot. There were two stages, but only one stage had a performer at a time. There were plenty of bathrooms around, and the overall space was pretty small and easy to navigate from one end to the other quickly. There was also a really nice stepped area down to the river to hang out on that wasn't crowded at all. When we weren't standing in line for either beer or food, we hung out here while waiting to hear Black Joe Lewis. We could still hear the other bands playing from here.


Tip: Definitely bring a blanket or chairs that sit on the ground, you will need them!

Carson Creek Ranch, Austin TX
Relaxing on the Colorado River at Carson Creek Ranch. You could hear the music here, but you couldn't see it.

The lines for the beer samples were pretty long, we waited about 10 minutes for each sample. So it wasn't that easy to just go around sampling the beer. There were full pours available also for $5, but the lines were still there.


Tip: If you are going for the music, I think you would walk away very pleased like we did! If you are there for the beer, you might come away frustrated.


There were also lots of different food vendors offering one or two specialty dishes. I tried the pulled pork flatbread sandwich from NXNW and liked it.


The best part for us was getting to stand in the front row for Black Joe Lewis!  We just headed over to the stage about 45 minutes before he was supposed to start and we were easily able to snag a spot front and center.  He was awesome! 

Black Joe Lewis at the Untapped Austin Festival
Black Joe Lewis rocking it!