Services and Rates

Basic Itinerary Planning

I will thoroughly research the available activities relevant to your group given your particular interests, ages and abilities.  I will provide you with phone numbers, locations, hours of operation, age/size restrictions, cost and tips from TripAdvisor reviewers specific to that activity/restaurant if available. I will map out a daily itinerary including activities and meals.


Basic itinerary planning costs anywhere from $25 (1 day) to more than $100 depending on the number of days and number of people in the party.


Road Trip Itinerary Planning

I will plan a complete itinerary for the trip including stopping points of interest along the way, special places to eat when possible and places to stay for the night. Please see an example of a road trip itinerary here. I provide city maps when relevant, Travel Tips specific to road trips and a list of Family Car games.  I can make a Kid Pack (art supplies and activites) for the kids in the car for $10 per child.


The fee for the Road Trip Itinerary ranges from $50 to over $100, depending on the length of the trip and if you have already picked the starting and ending points of the trip. If you want to take a road trip but you have not settled on a geographic area, the fee is higher, usually in the range of $200 depending on the specifics. 


Fairy Files on Destinations of Your Choosing

I will provide a concise but complete report, The Fairy File, for each destination that you have chosen. All information is specific to your groups's needs and your chosen time of travel.  Information included in a Fairy File includes an overview of things to do, cost factors, comfort factors, convenience factors and an accolades and reviews section.  Please look at this sample Fairy File.


$75 to $150 depending on number of destinations and families.

Fairy Files on Destinations Chosen for You

We will discuss your ideas and preferences and I will submit an agreed upon number of Fairy Files on destinations that I choose for you to review.  This costs $200 and up depending on number of destinations and families; itinerary planning for the chosen destination is at an additional cost.

If you are not satisfied that at least one of the Fairy Files that you receive is a viable vacation option for your family, I will submit another group of the same number of Fairy Files to you at no additional cost based on your feedback on the original group.